Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog 1.2

Help Sonic navigate through levels as fast as possible and avoid traps
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1.2 (See all)
Keep Sonic running and build speed to rush through loops without losing contact with the ground. Use the hedgehog's tail to airlift away from troubles and launch attacks to get rid of the enemies in its way. Discover as many hidden rooms and passageways as you can to get the maximum score.

This is the first of many games starring Sega's premier rodent, Sonic. It's a side scrolling platform game with a difference: speed. Sonic rushes through levels with incredible speed, allowing him to traverse loops and jumps with ease.
The plot of the game is simple. The evil Dr. Robotnik has captured many of Sonic's animal friends, and trapped them inside robots. Fortunately, Sonic can free his friends by destroying the robots with his spin attack. Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik is trying to control the all-powerful chaos emeralds. Sonic must grab them before he does in the 3-d rotating bonus levels.

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